File a Complaint

Please Note: Per ordinance #5885, PARC cannot investigate complaints that were reported before June 1, 2011. Also, remember that all complaints must start with the Inspectional Services Bureau before reaching PARC. Please see our webpage on the Complaint Process for an overview of the procedural steps involved.

There are 3 Ways to File a Complaint:

  1. Call PARC at 901-636-6457
  2. Visit us during office hours (8:00a-4:00p) at:
    555 Beale Street
    Memphis, TN 38103
  3. Fill out the form below:

IMPORTANT: Please fill in this form completely. Incomplete forms may delay the process.

* PLEASE NOTE – You must file a complaint with
   ISB before filing a complaint with PARC.

Inspectional Services Bureau
2714 Union Ext.
Suite 600
Memphis, TN 38104
Office: (901) 636-2966
Office hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday – Friday

Online Civilian Complaint Form


The Police Advisory and Review Committee (PARC) reviews complaints against officers of the Memphis Police Department (MPD).

By City Ordinance #5885, PARC is only authorized to review complaints against police officers for any of the following actions:

  • abusive language
  • false arrest
  • false imprisonment
  • harassment
  • excessive force
  • police action resulting in severe injury or death
  • discrimination or discriminatory references
  • abuse of authority
  • retaliation
  • failure to provide official police identification; or
  • violation of MPD Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

As part of PARC’s  investigation, you may be asked to provide a more complete statement under oath.